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Better blood collection for the future of healthcare

With the Cinna™, we are closing the gap in at-home testing

The Cinna turns blood into plasma in a few seconds, right at the point of draw. 

With the help of expertly designed magnetic beads (and some other secret stuff), the Cinna takes the hassle out of plasma separation. 


No spinning down or drying necessary. 

Concrete Wall

One solution, endless possibilities

Validated with lab tests

We've demonstrated excellent correlation with key blood-based biomarkers like glucose, liver and kidney enzymes and we're in pilot studies with some of the biggest labs. Reach out below if you want to learn more or would like to initiate a pilot study.

Who we are

We're engineers blending experience with expertise and a healthy amount of eccentricity

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Sasank Vemulapati

Inventor of the Cinna. PhD from Cornell University and inventor on 4 patents. 



Li Jiang

3X healthtech founder. PhD from Cornell University. 


Device Engineer

Nardine Ghobrial

FDA ORISE fellow. PhD from Clemson University.

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Lo Bio Mockup 4_edited.png

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